A Letter to the World

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Dear World,

          Greetings and salutations! I have no idea what to say. What would an ant say to a mountain if it could talk? Would it say anything at all? I suppose not… I guess the ant would just go on its merry way and climb the mountain (Or at least the rock closest to it). What an insecure ant. But I suppose that it would make its home in a safe little place- where ever it is that ants make their homes. It would also be presumptive that said ant will build a colony and prosper for a month and proceed to be smushed by some hiker’s boot.  Or maybe eaten by some bear, or whatever eats ants. Or maybe flooded out by the rain.

          Oh, I was comparing myself to that ant? Such audacity! Clearly t was the mountain’s fault for the ant’s tragic endings! No? Oh, well let’s just pretend I said nothing in the last paragraph and a half . For all anyone knows, I was ranting on the chemical anatomy of my left pinky nail. You know, that little white spot never looked too healthy.

          Strange how humans can get so off topic though, huh? I think so. It fascinates me so. First we’re building something or creating it for some health benefit or whatnot and then we’re using it in our weapons so we can see who has the biggest, shiniest, bestest- yes I did just say bestest- weapon of all.

          Speaking of weapons- I feel bad for stepping on that branch a few weeks back. Forgive me, I wasn’t watching where I was going. And that flower my dog tried eating? Yeah, sorry for that too. Marely didn’t know what she was doing.

          And World, I know if you could speak, you’d prolly say something along the lines of,  “You all fail.” Or phail because you can never recover fully from that ph. World- and I speak for the rest of my species when I say this- terribly sorry for what we put you through.

                     Sorry for pulling out chunks of grass from my yard,     

Jillian Freese


Gilbert and Aveline Talking

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“Once upon a time there was a young man. He was very handsom, very mysterious. Very romantic. He thought too much for his own good and had this look about him that demanded a lot of respect. Too much repect.” There was a small pause. ” It got him into so much trouble.” Brilliant green eyes found mine, locking them in place.

“Did it?” I asked, hinting at a game.

“Yes. This young man always got into trouble, even if he didn’t try to.” The amazing green eyes turned up in a smile.  “But he always managed to get out of whatever trouble he got himself into.”
“By unknown means, of course.”
“Of course, if everyone found out how he got away, he wouldnt be able to get away anymore.”

“Clearly.” I enjoyed the game we were playing.

“Yes, but one day while this young man was escaping from a particularly nasty punishment for his latest mischief he stumbled across a small town.”
“Very small.”

“Yes, and in this small town he had gotten very hungry. So hungry that he would have eaten out of the trash if possible.”
“The trash wasn’t so bad. It was very clean.” Her nose wrinkled in delighted discust.
“Anyway, he came across this tiny little bakery in this tiny little town. And in it he tried to steal some food. A piece of bread, if I remember correctly.”
“Mmmmh, it was good bread.”
“It should have been, I made it.”
“It was.” I smiled softly at her.  She reached up and ruffled my hair. I pulled her hands from my hair and held them in mine, wiping the imaginary grease from them. My hair certainly wasn’t anyplace for her fingers, even if I’ve already taken many, many showers since my… escape.

Everyone Hates a Hero

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I remember a time when I could wake up hours before the sun would start coming up. When the cold, dark morning would close in and wrap around me like a heavy blanket. I remember a time when I could, would lay in the sand and enjoy the sound of the ocean’s lullaby. I remember a time when I could see the star’s silent show, twinkling and shinning just for a little boy on a beach. The dark cover of the night was my friend. I felt most safe at night. There was more mystery at night, more advernture, more possibilities. The darkness hid everything, creating a new, undiscovered world.

I never knew why so many people lumped darkness together with bad things, with evil. The darkness is where things are born. When God created the Heavens and the World, darkness was first. Darkness saw the light be created, the waters, the life of the world. Darkness is the grandfather of all colors. Once light came, colors of all different hues branched off of the dark. He watched them grow and attach themselves to flowers, to rocks, to everything. He guides the colors in their choices and helps them whenever needed. He is the essence of wisdom, the very being of elegance, of grace. And yet… he harbors the unsightly, evil, ugly things. He hides them from us so he is seen as a hateful thing. He takes all the blame  though… He’s our protector. Our Hero…

But then again…. Everyone Hates a Hero.

Gilbert Thursby

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Hello. Under the guidance and advice of my friends I am going to write. (Wow, this sounds so formal. Sorry, let’s retry that?)  Hi, seeing as how I don’t really wish to post about my life as it is quite boring to those who aren’t me, I am going to post some stories. It’s totally unoriginal of me and I’m almost reluctant to do this because I really, really, REALLY don’t want my story taken. But, I guess I have to get over that because even though I call my stories and characters “Original” I suppose they’re really not since there are people who think of things before you so it’s never really “original”….

Anyhoo…onto my character. I believe that you, as readers, can’t really meet a character by just giving facts or saying something about him/her. You have to actually see them in action… so to speak. (Wow, I sound really weird and fanciful now.. not used to that…) Back to business…

Gilbert Thursby

 Age: 26

Height: 5’8”

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Current Occupation: Marine Officer

Oh, did I also forget to mention about a silly little thing of this nuerotic mutation he has? It’s called synesthesia!! It’s amazing and wonderful. To make it perfectly clear, no. I do not have synesthesia, but I do so very much wish that I did.

That’s all for now. I can’t really describe him more than that because I’d rather you read him instead of me just telling you about him.

Hello world!

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How to start?

Hi, my name is Jillian. Nonono. That’s too… ordinary. Ok, let’s restart. Hello. I like the taste of orange juice and toothpaste (together, of course), my favorite food is spinach, I have smilie face on my ear, and I like snakes.

April Fools.

Just kidding. I call April Fools on my april fooling. I don’t really like snakes.  :) But everything else is true. (Or is it?)

I’m brand new at this and I hope I’ll get better. (Gotta catch them all!) Maybe I won’t phail at this so much? Who knows? Hopefully I’ll know what I’m doing by the end of the month…maybe.